Self-Guided Art Tour Through Mayfair

Kalliopi Lemon, 'Bag of Aspirations' Presented by Gazelli Art House

Art lovers in London will see dozens of new sculptures appearing on the streets of Mayfair from October, as the first ever Mayfair Sculpture Trail is launched across the famous shopping destination.

Pablo Reinoso, 'Simple Talk (Left)', 2017, Presented by Waddington Custot

Renowned local galleries will be presenting artwork in some of the city’s most iconic locations from Old Bond Street, New Bond Street, Cork Street and Burlington Arcade to the grandeur of Grosvenor Square.

With new COVID-19 restrictions looming and events across the capital being postponed or cancelled, the Mayfair Sculpture Trail allows visitors to take a self-guided tour using the SMARTIFY App, scanning the artwork as they go to access the audio guide and learn more about this new outdoor art show.

Barry Flanagan, 'Large Troubador', Presented by Waddington Custot
Atelier van Lieshout, 'Dockwerker' (Docker) Presented by Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Visitors can also learn more about the permanent artworks on the street such as Lawrence Holofcener’s ‘Alliesor look up and spot Cinch’ by Antony Gormley standing tall above Burlington Arcade. In addition, there are exhibitions within galleries including Annely Juda Fine Art, ‘Anthony Caro: 6 Sculptures, Leon Kossoff: 6 Paintings, and Nude an exhibition presented by Olivier Malingue that explores the role the nude has played in influencing artistic productions from the end of the 19th century until today. Nude Includes work by Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Henry Moore, and Lucien Freud.

David Annesley, Lift Going Up, Lift Going Down, 2019, Presented by Waddington Custot

Running from 1st to 31st October, The Mayfair Sculpture Trail is a new addition to the annual Mayfair Art Weekend, (2-4 October) in partnership with Art in Mayfair, bringing together a host of leading galleries to offer an extensive program of free exhibitions, walks, talks and tours.

Anthony James, Crystal 001. Image 2020 Guy Bell. Presented by Opera Gallery

Highlights of the trail include ‘Simple Talk (Left)’ by Pablo Reinoso, an iconic Spaghetti Bench presented by Waddington Custot, with tendrils stretching and spiralling out in-front of the Ralph Lauren store on New Bond Street. Fashion fans will enjoy ‘Bag of Aspirations’ by Kalliopi Lemos, part of the ‘Tools of Endearment’ series presented by Gazelli Art House, the oversized handbag looks perfectly in place outside the luxury department store Fenwick of Bond Street.

Elisabeth Frink, 'Horse and Rider'
Antony Gormley, 'Cinch', 2013
Manolo Valdés, Reina Mariana, 2017. Presented by Opera Gallery
See Young-Deok, 'Meditation 1554', Presented by Opera Gallery
Laurent Grasso, 'Zechariah's Vision' Presented by Olivier Malingue
Patrick O'Reilly, 'Bear with Bucket', Presented by The Mayor Gallery (London).
Look Up, above Hermés at 153-5 New Bond Street to view the Henry Moore.
Antoni Malinowski, 'Spectral Stream' on Maddox Street
Richard Orlinski, 'The Howling Wolf' Presented By The Westbury Mayfair
Lawrence Holofcener, 'Allies'.
Presented by Gazelli Art House, Live Object 1,2,3,& 4 will add a virtual crowd to Grosvenor Square

Find out more about Mayfair Art Weekend at To walk the trail download the SMARTIFY App and link HERE

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