Savile Row Ateliers Join Art in Mayfair

Savile Row Art in Mayfair

We are delighted to announce that from 20th September, Savile Row will be taking part in Art in Mayfair for the first time! 

A wealth of collaborations between renowned artists and Savile Row's celebrated tailors will be taking place and The Row will showcase its unique relationship with renowned contemporary artists, tying in with Mayfair's 250 years of rich art heritage.  

Artist Charlotte Posner's Co-Produced Windows

Renowned artist Charlotte Posner is co-producing window displays on a street-wide project with a number of iconic tailors of The Row including Dege & Skinner, Cad & The Dandy, Edward Sexton, Gaziano & Girling, Henry Poole, The Deck, Richard Anderson and Cremieux.    

Anderson & Sheppard 

Anderson & Sheppard are collaborating with artist Jonathan Schofield on both of their window displays.  They have a long-standing relationship with Mr Schofield, who is a customers of theirs, and look forward to dressing their windows in keeping with his works. 

'Jonathan Schofield was born near Manchester and now lives and works in London. He studied Fine Art at The Royal College of Art under Peter Doig in 1996. His work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy and he is part of their permanent collection. Jonathan has since fused his interest for art and fashion, running his own art direction agency, whilst continuing to paint from his studio in Hackney.' - Anderson & Sheppard 


Huntsman are keeping things strictly ‘in house’ with an installation designed by their own John Wooding.  The inspiration for the window came from Wooding's study of the composition of traditional stained-glass windows. 

Cut, cloth and construction are integral to all Huntsman garments; and the same is true of this window display. The installation invites interpretation depending on the perspective, both from the street and inside the shop, playing with the fluidity of form and perspective.  It represents the versatility of their seasonal pret-á-porter collection and the many facets of a well tailored wardrobe. The translucency of each panel allows light to reflect and refract, and flow through into the shop.  

The colour palette is inspired by Huntsman's cherished house tweed, which like all good tweed, is nuanced with tones and hues found in nature.  This installation celebrates the vibrancy of the changing colours found in an autumnal landscape, with the scene deconstructed as a series of abstract panels, designed to illustrate nature in flux.

Ed Reeve

J.P. Hackett 

J.P. Hackett will collaborate with the artist, Hormazd Narielwalla, who is best know for his intricate paper collages and assemblages, which originated as vintage and bespoke garment patterns.  Hormazd views these graphic templates as 'beautiful abstractions of the human body' that represent not only the details of the garment but also the individual who commissioned it. 

The store currently houses a permanent collection of over 25 of Hormazd's original works, and in honour of Art in Mayfair, they will display an additional series of 6 pieces.  The pieces will be displayed in 6 of the 7 windows on the 1st and ground floors of the 14 Savile Row townhouses and a bespoke, handmade garment expressing Hormazd's unique point of view in cloth, will be displayed in the 7th window. 

Norton & Sons 

Norton & Sons are collaborating with Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans on a neon window installation.  Cerith Wyn Evans is a conceptual artist, sculptor and film-maker who won the Hepworth Prize for Sculpture in 2018. 


The Pickett window and in-store exhibition is a collaboration with the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, a great champion of non-western artistic traditions.  The collaboration will take its viewers on a journey that goes beyond the windows of the store and involves multi-medium art pieces from a variety of different cultures.  

Richard James

Richard James will exhibit The Paint Suits by Jake and Dinos Chapman, which were produced in 2004.  Richard James were asked to supply Esquire Magazine with two of their suits for the artists to 'paint' as they pleased.  

'We are asked if we minded if they 'trashed' the suits.  We said no, of course not...' - Richard James 

The iconic Paint Suits will be exhibited alongside sculptures by two other brothers called Mark and Paul Cummings.  They are multi-disciplinary artists, inspired by esotericism and mysticism.  

Mayfair is alive with art this autumn and the iconic stores of Bond Street and Savile Row look forward to welcoming you to this inclusive celebration of creativity!

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