New Japanese-inspired Collection From Boodles

Boodles Shopping Jewellery

New at Boodles is a dazzling jewellery collection inspired by the decorative nature of ribbons. The designer who created the ‘Ribbons’ collection was influenced by the silk kimono belts and ornate gift wrapping in Japan, creating beautifully entwined pieces to gift that special someone.

The Ribbons Collection By Boodles

Ribbons of yellow, rose and white flow delicately towards dazzling Ashoka® cut diamonds. The Ashoka®, is a cut of diamond which is exclusive to Boodles in the UK and adds glamour to all the pieces in the collection.

“Ashoka-cut diamonds look stunning. They follow the body’s contours beautifully, but they also give off a wonderful radiance.

Rebecca Hawkins, Head of Design at Boodles

The Ashoka-cut diamonds are paired with platinum, yellow gold and rose gold and the collection includes a pendant, bangles and rings.  In Japanese culture the number three is said to be lucky, so you can choose your favourite piece with three Ashoka-cut diamonds for a bit of good luck to start the new year.

Visit to see the full collection. Should you have any questions or wish to make a purchase over the phone, the Boodles Customer Service team is available on +44(0)20 7493 3240.

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