FENDI's Eternal Icon: The Peekaboo

Fendi Fashion Mayfair Accessories

Its a family affair when Oscar-winning and iconic actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and her beloved daughter Carys Douglas arrive in Rome to experience the Eternal City with their iconic Peekaboo bags.

Being shot for the very first time together, Catherine and Carys, mother and daughter, show their unique yet special family-bond celebrating the renovation of life by blending tradition and innovation and recalling the FENDI dualism and DNA.

Keeping their authentic daily rituals, they elegantly dance under the colonnade of Palazzo Altemps, Roman historical building and lovingly play among the statues of Palazzo Della Civilta Italiana, FENDI HQ in Rome, nourishing the dialogue between classic and contemporary where the FENDI Peekaboo bag becomes the real protagonist.

From the regular shape to the XS version, the Peekaboo bag is lit-up by the distrinctive Pequin, FENDI signature 'logo-no-logo' pattern. Elegant and iconic, the Pequin embodies the timeless beauty of Catherine Zeta-Jones and her daughter reflecting the powerful connection. 

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