The sun speaks - 2024: Lizzie Munn

Art in Mayfair Lizzie Munn
Lizzie Munn, The sun speaks - 2024. Flags Presented by Art in Mayfair in partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts. Location: New Bond Street / Old Bond Street

Look up, and you'll see the vibrant new flags adorning Bond Street, part of Art in Mayfair's month-long celebration of art and fashion in the West End.

These captivating flags, titled 'The Sun Speaks,' are the creation of London-based artist Lizzie Munn.  After earning a BA in Fine Art from Newcastle University in 2018, Munn is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma at the Royal Academy Schools.

Munn's diverse practice encompasses painting, printmaking, and installations.  The current exhibit features large-scale, print-based installations that interact with their surroundings, suspended above the iconic Bond Street.  Presented as a continuous installation, the flags integrate with the surrounding architecture and elements, making them dynamic components of the artwork.  Lizzie describes her piece as a sprawling artwork set against the sky, utilizing two vibrant colours.  Munn employed both elements as active materials, which are responsive to their site and conditions, allowing the work to be 'constantly in flux and always seen anew.'

About Lizzie Munn (b. 1995)

Lizzie Munn is an artist based in London; her practice spans painting, printmaking, and installation.  She completed a BA in Fine Art at Newcastle University in 2018 and is currently undertaking the Postgraduate Diploma at the Royal Academy Schools.  Munn's practice adopts analogue processes which distance the hand, whilst embodying the physical gesture of their making.  Her attentive approach allows relationships to form through colour, surface, and volume.  Paper becomes an object to be overlaid and rearranged, constructing print-based installations that are shaped by their environment.

Website: Lizzie Munn

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