Japanese jeweller Tasaki arrives on Bond Street

Tasaki Jewellery

One of Japan’s biggest jewellers has made its debut in Europe with a beautiful flagship boutique at 170 New Bond Street.

Founded in 1954 by the pearl-farming Tasaki family operates and owns its pearl farms, apart from Tahitian pearls - which they don’t farm themselves, all the pearls used come from its operations in Japan and Myanmar. The company is also the only De Beers sight-holder in the country meaning it has first-hand access to top grade diamonds that it cuts and polishes in its own Kobe workshops to its own demanding standards.

If you’re looking for daring pearl jewellery, look to TASAKI. Earrings crawl and drape around the ear like enormous caterpillars (above, left), sharply minimalist chokers punctuated with lone pearls sweep around the neck (above, right).

Twelve years guiding the transformation of TASAKI with typical Japanese modesty CEO, Mr. Tajima says: ‘We are not like anybody else and we believe that there are customers who want a product like ours. If they want to buy something really classic, there is plenty for them on offer. If they want something different, we are the only ones.’

Recently appointed, the Nepalese-American fashion designer Prabal Gurung who is known for his colourful and bold catwalk creations has joined Tasaki’s Design Director. With the likes of Bella and Gigi Hadid or Joan Small walking down the catwalk with all the main collections as well special pieces for Gurung’s catwalks.

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