In Plain Sight at Halcyon Gallery

Art in Mayfair Halcyon

In Plain Sight, on view at Halcyon Gallery’s flagship 148 New Bond Street until July 7 is an exhibition featuring artwork by David Hockney, Bob Dylan, Dominic Harris among other major contemporary artists.

This show explores how a diverse range of artists respond to the everyday, transforming the mundane into the miraculous.

In Plain Sight presents artwork by six artists with a bright, fresh aesthetic and an air of joie de vivre. Their work displays diverse stylistic and technical approaches, from David Hockney’s vivid tulips created on an iPad to Bob Dylan’s energetic portrayal of sunflowers in watercolour and Dominic Harris’s digital flowers in bloom, constantly in a state of flux.

Halcyon Gallery: 148 New Bond Street, London W1S 2TR

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