Chaumet Presents Josephine, Empress Of Style

Chaumet Jewellery

The Joséphine collection from Chaumet has been updated with creations reflecting the many facets of the personality of the French Empress, wife of Napoléon I and the first major client of Maison Chaumet.

There are four new series within the collection encompassing high jewellery and timepieces. Joséphine Aigrette and Joséphine Ronde d’Aigrettes jewellery are associated with a uniquely shaped watch, while Joséphine Valse Impériale and Joséphine Duo Éternel High Jewellery recalls the splendour of festivities at court in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Joséphine was renowned for her elegance and very much ahead of her time through her contemporary femininity. The art of the Empress’s style and personality continue to inspire the Joséphine collection today, transforming the tiara into a ring and magnifying the pear cut of which she was particularly fond.

The Aigrette-shaped watch bracelet wraps around the wrist in a unique way, without a buckle or fastening. The dial is adorned with a brilliant-cut diamond and available in white or rose gold and leather or satin.

Joséphine Ronde d’Aigrettes collection offers pieces in which pear-shaped stones are assembled together in asymmetrical compositions on earrings, bracelets and rings. Available in rose or white gold, and diamonds either solo or paired with aquamarine.

The Joséphine Valse Impériale High Jewellery collection includes a tiara, earrings, necklace and rings which feature pear-shaped diamonds in sweeping curves. The signature Chaumet technique enables the metal of the tiara to optically disappear, so the stones are seemingly suspended over your head.

Last but not least is the Joséphine Duo Éternel, a contemporary update of the toi et moi ring, which was inspired by the engagement ring given by Napoléon to the future Empress. The asymmetrical ring features gems arranged head-to-head, but there are also torque necklaces and a bracelet, and, for the first time in the Joséphine collection, a brooch that can be worn by both her and him.

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