Allies – 1995: Lawrence Holofcener

Art in Mayfair Lawrence Holofcener

Allies, bronze statues of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill sitting ‘talking’ together on a bench in new Bond Street, was a gift from the Bond Street Association to the City of Westminster to commemorate 50 years of peace. Lawrence Holofcener, a sculptor with dual nationality created this landmark and it was unveiled on 2 May 1995 by Princess Margaret.

About Lawrence Holofcener (b. 1926)

Sculpture came late to Lawrence Holofcener, whose first exhibition was in 1979 at the beautiful Gibbes Museum in Charleston, South Carolina. It was quickly followed by many shows, awards, and commissions. In 1985 at the Chichester Theatre, the incomparable actor, Sir Lawrence Olivier unveiled Holofcener’s unique portrait ‘Faces of Olivier,’ and ten years later to the day, on Bond Street London, Princess Margaret unveiled his very human portraits of Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. Allies has become one of London’s favourite art attractions.

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