Time-Life Screen – 1952-53: Henry Moore

When Henry Moore started on the Time Life Screen, he saw it as an exciting problem to solve. He thought the screen should look like it was part of the architecture since it is part of the building, but also for the sculptures to project from it as if they were escaping.

About Henry Moore (b. 1898)

Moore was born in Castleford, a small mining town in Yorkshire, in 1898. After training to be a teacher and serving in the British Army he studied at Leeds School of Art and then the Royal College of Art, London.

By the 1950s Moore had begun to receive a number of international commissions. He continued working in sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and textile design until his death in 1986. Moore was a pioneer, and the first British artist to become a global star in his own lifetime. His work cane to symbolise post -war modernism and can be said to have caused a British sculptural renaissance.

Website: henry-moore.org