Still Water - 2016: Nic Fiddian Green Presented by Sladmore

Still Water - 2016: Nic Fiddian Green

Presented by Sladmore 
Installation Dates: 12 June – 9 July
Location: Mount Street

Through sheer determination and passion for his subject Nic Fiddian Green has stayed true to the form of the horse's head for 25 years. The task of capturing the spirit and power of the equine form can be argued as almost a long-term obsession for Nic. We have been venerating horses in art as long as we have ridden them and Nic’s sculpture continues the very long line of artists inspired by these animals. The earliest example of art ever discovered in Britain, was of a horse: a flat bone with a horse’s head carved into it of 10,000 BC.

Nic Fiddian Green’s Still Water, A still point in a turning world.

About Nic Fiddian Green (b. 1963)

It is not enough to say that Nic Fiddian Green is Britain’s most accomplished and innovative equestrian sculptor. His huge bronze horses’ heads at Hyde Park Corner and on Trundle Hill above Goodwood, and in many private collections all over the world have literally elevated equestrian art to a new level. To encounter that astonishing bronze on Trundle Hill was to become part of a tableau in which the huge head’s hooded eyes gaze away from the distant spire of Chichester Cathedral, as if on the mythic battlefields of Troy.

The key artistic genome in virtually all of Nic’s sculptures is the Selene Horse, which he encountered at the British Museum while a student at Chelsea College of Art. That marble, purloined by Lord Elgin from the Acropolis four hundred years before Christ, has continually provoked Nic, drawing him into ever deeper searches for an essence of form and line that is revelatory rather than simply a demonstration of virtuosity. Art, as Paul Klee said, does not reproduce what we see - it makes us see. This is what Nic’s pieces at the Sladmore galleries in Bruton Place and Jermyn Street attempt to do.

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