De Beers Opens New Flagship Store

De Beers Flagship New Store

De Beers Jewellers has opened its new flagship store on Old Bond Street, following a complete concept redesign that puts natural diamonds and sustainability at the heart of the customer experience.

The new flagship is located at 45 – 50 Old Bond Street, next to De Beers' previous location.  The new store is a celebration of building forever and sustainable retail; every aspect of the design, including materials and furniture, engineering (handling of energy, air, water consumption), construction, and execution are aimed at meeting the environmental requirements of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). 

The 250 square meter store captures the different facets of De Beers’ rich heritage and showcases, in a contemporary setting, its iconic designs – from intricate high jewellery pieces featuring some of the world’s most exceptional diamonds, to diamond engagement rings and timeless signature fine jewellery collections, including Enchanted Lotus and Talisman, which pioneered blending rough and polished diamonds.

The new design pays tribute to the values of De Beers by offering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that blends open space with intimate areas, and features contemporary visuals. The transparent storefront and open window displays are an open invitation to enter the Home of Diamonds and discover the latest high and fine jewellery collections featuring some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world.

If that wasn't reason enough to visit the new store, to celebrate the opening, a new selection of extremely rare fancy coloured diamonds, called Heritage Master Diamonds, are exclusively available at the flagship!

We couldn't think of a better place to celebrate with De Beers and start your Christmas shopping...

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