Bond's Best: Gucci Palace Wool Jacquard Knit Bomber Jacket

Gucci Bond's Best

There have been plenty of fashion collaborations over the years but none quite as exciting as this dream pairing between Gucci and Palace, the London-based skateboard brand. Featuring men's and womenswear, skateboards and even a limited-edition V7 motorbike, the newly launched capsule collection is part of a 'creative experiment' marking the first time that Gucci has handed over its archives to another brand to re-interpret in its own unique way.

Of course, you don't have to be remotely into skating or motorsports to appreciate this wool jacquard knit bomber jacket (£2,540) with its bold Palace Gucci logo. Imbued with panther motifs, the interlocking G and Gucci Palace logo, it's bound to outshine any other Christmas knit.

Gucci, 34 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4QL

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